Gordon Gibbons Photographs

In mid 2003 I was talking to Gordon and discovered that he had served with 27 Squadron (RAF website) on the North West Frontier as a RAF pilot flying Westland Wapiti biplane fighters. (BHARAT RAKSHAK IAF website) in the years shortly before World War 2. He told me that he had been a keen photographer and although he had taken many photographs and movies during this time most had been lost during the retreat from Malaya however some photos had survived and asked me if I would like to see them. A while later he came for lunch at the restaurant and produced a box of photos and offered to let me copy them. We spent a hour or two checking them and writing their descriptions on the back, I told him I would scan them and return them asap, he said not to worry as next week he was going to Slovakia for a three months holiday. I took my time copying and then early the next year I rang him to return them. At first I got no reply, and when finally I talked to his wife she told me that Gordon, unbeknown, to me had been quite frail and during the trip to Europe had had a heart attack in Bangkok and died. When I offered to return the pictures she explained that Gordon had been aware of his health problems and in effect had passed the photos on to me as someone who would appreciate them. I told her that I would look after them and display them on my website for all to see. So please enjoy.

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