Photos of the India List BBQ on 26th January 2000 in Sydney, Australia


Jan Baillie, Peter Hart, Joan Birtles

Richard Baillie and Sylvia Murphy

The Cooks! Jim Birtles, Ian Palmer, Geoff Day.

Roland and Ruth Ayo

From left to right, Jan Baillie, Richard Baille, Geoff Day, Sylvia Murphy, John Chilstone, Ruth Ayo, Roland Ayo, Maria Sufolk, Cathy Day, Joan Birtles, Jim Birtles, Tonie McDonald, and at the front centre is Ian and Lefayre Palmer.
The children from left to right, Chantelle McDonald, Michaela Day, Elwyn Day, Jackie Holland, Lyndal Day.

Our Brave and Fearless Leader Cathy Day and Maria Suffolk

Our Brave and Fearless Leader